Translation Services

Prices for translations

In order to get a precise quote, please send your document to or call us at (956) 324-2655.

Translation prices vary according to:

  • Document length
  • Required turnaround time
  • Document format

Training and Consulting Services

Monitoring is sometimes not enough—a solution to identified problems must be developed.

These solutions may include additional training, developing clear policies, involving key stakeholders, ensuring learning takes place by observing changes in behavior.

Utilization of pre-tests and post-tests are often effective, however tracking behavioral changes will be the best way to verify that comprehension has taken place.

The training cycle begins again by monitoring implementation and evaluation of completion of goals and meeting objectives.


A few of the most requested training topics offered are:

  • HR Management
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Relations
  • Sexual and other types of Harassment
  • Business Ethics
  • Strategic Management
  • Training and Development
  • Review and Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Review of Organizational Charts and corresponding Job Descriptions
  • Review of Employee Handbooks
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • Head Start Performance Standards

Most common focus areas

  • Head Start and Migrant Head Start
  • Transportation
  • Food Services for Children
  • Software Manuals
  • Web pages
  • Legal documents*

UTC is proud to perform every translation with the highest quality, that is why our services are highly specialized in English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations, and in our core expertise areas.

For Head Start customers or other non profit organizations, UTC offers the option to work under a contract, and offer a preferential price. The price could be by page or by word, and would include an in-kind rate. Please contact us for more information at or (956) 324-2655.

*Notarized documents will incurr an additional fee.

Documents are preferred in their original electronic format such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, FrontPage, HTML, PageMaker, etc.

If the document is in PDF or hardcopy, we will do our best to format it the way you need it, but the process will be slower than in its original format.

Training and consulting prices

In order to get a precise quote, please send your request to or call us at (956) 324-2655.

  • On site training for up to 50 people*
  • Minimum of one hour
  • Review of materials, policies, procedures etc., billed by the hour
  • Training can be done in Spanish as well

     *travel costs are not included