• National Migrant Seasonal Head Start Association
  • HP Ropes of Northern America
  • University of New Mexico Ceter for Development and Disability Early Childhood Learning Network Division
  • Redlands Christian Migrant Association
  • Texas Migrant Council
  • Telamon Corporation
  • Distance Education and Training Council
  • Community Development Institute Head Start
  • East Coast Migrant Head Start Project
  • Northwest TN Head Start
  • FHI 360
  • Pupil Transportation Safety Institute
  • The University of Mississippi / National Food Service Management Institute
  • Celia Roberts, Photographer. Recipient of Bounty Plate Award from National Head Start Association

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Founder, Sara Soto-Hinojosa has a Master's degree In Organizational Leadership. She has worked as the Human Resources Director for a multi-million dollar multi-state organization. Before holding that position, she was in charge of training and development for the same organization for 10 years. Ms. Soto-Hinojosa has been PHR certified since 2003 and SHRM-CP certified since 2015.

Ms. Soto-Hinojosa has provided training at conferences, inservice meetings, and individual mentoring in various states around the country. UTC has worked extensively with educational organizations, specially those involved with Head Start and Migrant Seasonal Head Start.

UTC has vast experience translating child transportation, food industry documents, excerpts from books, birth and marriage certificates.