About Us

Ultimate Translations was founded in 2001 to offer the U.S. market English-Spanish translation services with special focus on the Spanish spoken in Mexico. Ultimate Translations staff have lived both in Mexico and the U.S., so they not only offer you a faithful translation, but an understanding of both cultures that allows them to put themselves in the target audience's place and mindframe setting.

In 2017 the name changed to UTC (Ultimate Translations and Consulting) to reflect the expansion of services provided. Ms. Soto-Hinojosa has been PHR certified since 2003 and SHRM-CP certified since 2015. She wanted to share her knowledge and expertise both as a certified HR professional and a trainer with many years' experience. This has permitted UTC to broaden its customer base and help more organizations reach their goals.

The passion and dedication to help organizations manage employee relations and help employees do their best by understanding they play a vital role in the company's sucess is the driving force behind UTC.